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Billco International Inc.

  • Billco International Inc. headquartered in New Jersey, has been in business since 1986.

  • We are proud to be a favored souvenir supplier of large tourism based retailers located in National Parks, Museums, Aquariums and National Landmarks. 

  • Our product line includes glassware, ceramics, key chains, magnets, hats, totes, and many other souvenir/novelty items.  Our customers are also regional distributors, and other retailers located in the most beautiful areas in the United States, Canada and beyond.

  • We have experience in dealing with licensed products and characters with Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Cirque du Soleil among many others.  We are very comfortable with complex style guides and branding requirements. 

  • The reason these companies do business with us is because we possess the experience dealing with factories in Asia, we have an excellent delivery record and an excellent price/value proposition. 

  • Our Art department develops location specific artwork for all our customers and works with their style guidelines to produce unique items in a marketplace where uniqueness stands out. 

  • We endeavor to develop merchandise programs, not just items, as we understand the challenges of retail merchandising and the value of retail selling space. We also have experience with companies that have complex vendor requirements with regards to ticketing, warehousing and other vendor compliance issues.

Yellowstone National Park Souvenir Designs

Our Process

  • We offer both domestic and Import items.  Domestic items which are decorated in the USA take about 3-6 weeks from P.O. to delivery. Import items take longer but have much more customization potential.  Import items from P.O. to delivery take approximately 4-6 months. 

  • Our talented team of Graphic designers and artists both in house and freelance do location specific art for over a thousand different items.  These items may exist in our showroom or be created based on a buyer’s vision for their retail offer.

  • Customers meet with us at trade shows, at our showroom or over Zoom to discuss their merchandise needs, collaborate on art ideas, and develop together merchandise items and programs for their specific markets.

  • After we receive the order, we send art to the buyer for approval.  Once the art is approved, we will move to creating a sample.  The sample can be approved either virtually or in person depending on the complexity of the project and the time frame. Once the sample is approved, we will move to production and the product is made with our partner factories in China, Turkey and Taiwan.  It is sent usually by ocean vessel to our warehouse in the USA where we prepare it for shipment to the retailer.  On our team are logistics experts who ensure it is shipped on time and we keep our customers updated on the progress.


Social Responsibility

  • Billco International Inc also believes in ethical labor practices. We believe our employees should be treated well and paid fairly. We provide health insurance, a 401K plan to which we contribute and 16 weeks paid maternity leave. We believe in gender equality and welcome diversity in our team.

  • In the last two years we have reduced our paper use by 50%. We recycle and work with our suppliers to improve and reduce packaging.

  • We donate annually to the Market Mission in Morristown NJ who provide meals, shelter and hope to those in our community who are homeless, poor and struggling with addiction.

  • We also donate to the New Jersey Food Bank in lieu of sending corporate gifts and cards to our customers each Christmas

  • Billco International Inc. has been CTPAT certified for nearly 10 years.  The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism certification is a rigorous process which requires us to open up all of our supply chain information the US customs and to comply with all US security regulations with regards to importing, container security etc.  This certification allows our merchandise to move more quickly through our country’s ports and ensure secure, on time delivery to our customers. 


Jason Weatherford, Six Flags Entertainment:

“I’ve been fortunate to both know Bill as one of our strongest partners and a good friend for a number of years.   I can always count on him to be 100% honest with me in all of our business dealings – and I consider that to be very important.   I imagine Billco will remain one of our key partners for some time”.


“Bill, Jean, Mallory and the whole team at Billco have been committed to Six Flags Entertainment for a very long time.   No matter the size of our ongoing orders, Billco has shown to be more than a vendor  - they are true Partners. 


“Whether working on our next great item or just talking about business trends, I’ve always appreciated the personal nature of our relationship with Bill and Mallory.  Creating a comfortable relationship has also helped to create a comfortable development process.”


“Mallory is an incredible communicator.  At no time does the development process slow down due to a lack of responsiveness.   We consider Mallory to be one of our best at keeping the process moving forward at all times”.

Rita Lechman, Mountain States Specialties, Inc. 

Our company has worked with Billco over 25 years.  They continue to bring us new exciting product and design work.  Their team is amazingly efficient.  Billco has the best on time delivery of any of our suppliers in our 40 years of business.  Love working together! 



Melissa Griggs

Director of Attractions Revenue, See Rock City, Inc.

I consider Billco a true partner!  They provide unique items that sell well and their talented art team does an amazing job

creating custom artwork for each of our locations.  I always look forward to working with their whole team.


Alex Tucker

Director of Merchandising Ole Smoky Distilleries 

I can truly say that the quality product and the exceptional customer service that we receive from Billco has helped grow our business over the last two years.  The Billco team's dedication to quality and service is not only evident from order to delivery but goes beyond as they make a point to understand the retail sell thru and profitability of their product.  My merchandising team and I are thrilled to have Billco as a vendor partner.

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